Vote for George W. Mantor

Vote for George W. Mantor

I am the only candidate who will take a stand against the destruction of our land title records. Every property owner, every borrower with MERS on their DEED OF TRUST, buyers of foreclosed properties, future sellers with bad titles, short-sale participants and everyone planning to own real property should be deeply alarmed and act accordingly.

The system has become infected with MERS; a bank owned and operated alternative title registry system that has never been authorized by anyone.

As a result, the county has lost millions of dollars in recording fees as banks hid transfers from the public by recording them only in their private registry.
Many property owners unknowingly have hopelessly clouded titles.

Citizens have lost their right to due process as courts turn a blind-eye to these forgeries.

Stand with me to protect the reliability of our cherished land title records, restore transparency to the recording process and recover lost revenue. Why spend tens of millions of tax payer dollars annually for a system that becomes less reliable day after day?

Everyone who comes to this web site will come away better informed. Email this link to everyone you know. This is the fight. Now is the time.

We are battling for the very right to own property and to expect due process under the law. We are fighting to be safe and secure in our homes and papers from unreasonable searches and seizures. Now we have a valid purpose for that social media.

Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Take that device of yours and blog, face, status, touch, tweet, zoosk, or whatever it is you do. You will be pleasantly surprised by the response you will get from your sphere of influence.

Edmund Burke also said, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”

If you plan to own real property, send $100.

If you own real property, send $200.

If you were the victim of an illegal foreclosure and got a check for $300 you probably had the urge to tear up the check. If you really want to stick it to the bankstas, send it to my campaign.

If you believe in property rights, personal freedom and the constitution, send $500.

If you work in or around the real estate industry, escrow, title, mortgage, and related services, send $700, nobody has more to lose than you do.

And I’m the only one who’s got your back. The NAR works for the other side.

Send it now!